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Are you looking for parent advice?
Do you want parenting skills and parent resources that can guide you in any situation?

Here at the Intentional Parenting Program we teach you how to access the knowledge you have inside of yourself and also how to find the best parenting resources for you in your community, through books and online. We believe strongly in the old saying from a wise unkown author,

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”

We offer an effective educational program for parents in the privacy of their home. At the completion of the program parents will:

Be clear about their values and family goals  

Know how to find good  parenting resources and determine if what they find is a  "good fit" for their family

Be able to access and trust their intuition so that parenting decisions arise from a beautiful combination of head and heart

Find that behavior management becomes meaningful and easier

Have more fun achieving their parenting goals

The Intentional Parenting Program™ is unique among the available parenting programs or curriculums. What we offer is an opportunity for parents to reach deep inside themselves and ultimately establish a vision of the kind of parents they want to be and they manner in which they want to interact with their children. Through facilitated conversations and homework, couples come to a clearer understanding of their motivations, dreams, desires and values. Deborah Tutnauer, the founder of the Intentional Parenting Program™, works privately with each parent or couple. She offers guidance, suggestions and support along with providing education in areas of communication, language, understanding children's behavior and self-care for busy parents. Together Deborah and her clients design a plan for moving forward into the future which parents can use as a road map, long after the Program has been completed. Deborah will even help parents sort through the vast array of parenting books and parenting skills programs on the market, to find ones that resonate with their unique personalities and families. This is a life changing program for parents and families.

 You will learn how to:

Parent Consciously

Make Value-based Decisions

Interact Pro-actively with your kids rather than Reactively

Be more Prepared for the Unexpected (in parenting, every day is a new adventure!!)

"Deborah Tutnauer’s Intentional Parenting Program is a must for all couples who feel they could better their parenting skills. As parents, we want to do our best for our children. This program not only drew my husband and I closer together, as parents, (becoming a more cohesive unit) but also emotionally. We learned about ourselves and each other and evaluated why we do things the way we do. With this knowledge and Deborah’s positive approach, which allowed us to share in a safe environment, we experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth. Together we exposed the areas we need to work on and set goals for these relationships. It is comforting to now know that my husband and I parent with similar styles in ideal situations; and useful to know that under stress we parent very differently. Deborah’s guidance and support throughout this remarkable process gave us effective life-long tools for relationships with all our children, from our toddlers to our adult children. This program/plan definitely helps make our family’s journey a more enjoyable one." A.H., Colorado

"It has been my pleasure to know Deborah Tutnauer for over a decade. She has established and maintained a strong reputation as a professional with a high level of effectiveness with children and parenting issues. It was exciting for me to hear her talk about the development of the Intentional Parenting Program because it fits so well with hers and her husband's desire to be the parents of an outstanding, successful and emotionally healthy daughter . From her twenty plus years of professional work with kids and parents, Deborah knew it would take more than just the "basics."  to provide a curriculum that would help parents  experience meaningful growth .  In addition to drawing on her own professional success she has made use of up-to-date research and training. It would seem to me Deborah Tutnauer will continue to be the go-to-person for couples who are looking for a deeper parenting experience."

Spencer L. Fickel, MS
Licensed Professional Counselor
Life Coach
Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Level III

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