Psychologist, Social Workers,

MFT's, LPC's:

Expand your practice by offering this unique and effective PARENTING CURRICULUM

Focus your energy on positive, proactive work with families

Increase your income while avoiding managed care and extra paperwork

You Receive:

Full Copy Righted Intentional Parenting Program™ Curriculum

Legal Right to use the Intentional Parenting Program™ in Your Private Practice

One hour of Consultation with the Founder and Developer of the Intentional Parenting Program™

With this exceptionally prepared curriculum, you can Expand Your Practice, Increase Your Income, and Experience the Joy and Satisfaction of Helping Parents move beyond skills and techniques, to a deeper understanding of who they are and how that translates to how they parent. The true value of a care-giving professional is the ability to help their patients and clients achieve lasting change that continually benefits their lives. This program gives you a tool to do just that. When you lead parents beyond  techniques and into the realm of values, virtues and belief systems you give them a truly wonderful gift. The Intentional Parenting Program™ will continue to inform and enhance families' experiences long after their time with you is completed.

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Expand Your Psychotherapy Practice, Increase Your Private Practice Income and Offer a True Gift to your Clients and Patients

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