The Intentional Parenting Program™ is a six-session strength-based, private coaching program for parents who want to be more clear about their Values and Family Goals, and who want to learn how to be Better Parents

Parents who go through this program have the knowledge and understanding to:

Make decisions based on a combination of  their values and goals, intuition and intelligence

Have a deeper understanding of the underlying foundation of their Parenting Choices

Trust that the intuitive decisions they make are solidly grounded

Know where they're heading before they act

Have more Fun Parenting

Gather information on other Parenting Skills Programs

What does it mean to parent with intention? Parenting with intention begins with understanding yourself and your own values and motivations. Taking time to deeply explore questions regarding your goals, dreams, expectations and history with the help of a parenting consultant will allow you and your partner to truly parent from the heart. This means that you will derive the choices and decisions you make in your interactions with your child, from your deeply held convictions and beliefs. You will find it easier to sort through parenting books and articles and find information that resonates with you and your family, because you will trust your intuition. You will make choices in your own life that provide a model for your children as to what values are adhered to in your family. Parenting with intention is about being present and conscious in all that you do.

"Deborah helped our daughter learn to manage the stress and pressures of teen-age life.  What is remarkable about Deborah is the respect that she showed our daughter – she listened, appreciated the very real difficulties faced by M, and honored their relationship.  She never “told her what to do,” instead Deborah empowered M to take charge of her own life.

For us as parents, Deborah provided important perspective, helping us to understand that while the issues our daughter faced were important and challenging, they were also typical and manageable.  Deborah helped us to transition as parents to a more mature relationship with our daughter. " C.M., Colorado

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