Deborah Tutnauer, MEd, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Child and Family Therapist and Consultant

24 Years in the Fields of Education, Child Development, and Family Therapy

Deborah has worked professionally with children and families for 24 years.  She has had a private psychotherapy practice focused on helping, educating and supporting children and families for 13 years.  She also specializes in offering parenting advice on children's behavior problems.  Deborah brings a unique perspective to her work, combining proven clinical theory with real life experience, and insight into the spiritual and holistic realm of  parenting. In addition, Deborah is trained as a management consultant and an executive coach.   Deborah is has a five year old daughter who she is homeschooling, and lives with her husband in Colorado.  Deborah and her husband have used the curriculum she developed in the Intentional Parenting Program™, so that they can parent their daughter consistently and from their hearts

The Intentional Parenting Program™ utilizes an outline developed to allow top management people to achieve their potential and grow professionally. Ms. Tutnauer has adapted this proven formula to benefit parents. She has taken a system which allows people to truly look at themselves and at themselves in their environment, and has added her expertise gleaned from years of working with children and families. Add to this her belief in the spiritual aspects of parenting from the heart, and her experience with the beautiful mystery contained in every child, and you have a program that is a life changing journey for families.

"When my fourth child faced challenges in middle school from being bullied to failing to perform at her ability level, the school counselor recommended I meet with Deborah Tutnauer. What a relief to get support from someone outside of the school system. Deborah provided us with practical advice like where to go for testing, how to approach the school, and how to communicate better with our child. All with respect for us, our child and our parenting skills." T.R., Colorado

"Deborah Tutnauer was very instrumental in helping my family through a difficult transition period in our lives after my divorce. The children were 4 and 6 years old and her compassionate approach to working through a complicated emotional situation I believe allowed us to all move forward in a healthier atmosphere. I would recommend Deborah to anyone who is looking for an experienced, caring and committed counselor to help them through a tough time. In this time of turmoil Deborah guided me toward continuing to be the best parent I could be and still dreamed to be, in my new role of becoming a single mother."  G.G,, Colorado

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